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Liberty BASIC is a piece of software that makes programming Windows easy
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Liberty BASIC program is an excellent tool for programming software for Windows in BASIC language. The application comes with operative code examples.
The very useful 'debugging' utility for fixing all the BASIC typing errors, such as not nested loops and many more typing errors.

The excellent BASIC editor is prepared for coloring the written syntax, comments, variables, etc. It also includes find, replace, undo, copy, cut, paste, restore, print the code, a font editor and a simple but useful Icon editor, math features, among other useful utilities.

The application can directly run the written program to find out if the operation is the desired.

Novice and expert BASIC users will appreciate this application, since it includes an interactive tutorial file which will guide users through the BASIC programming topics and techniques.

Users can create their own programs, games, utilities, etc. The result file can be run as an stand alone application on all the Windows OS versions.

The application supports serial communications and is able to use DLLs make Windows API calls directly from the written code.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very complete basic programming learning tool. Good tutorial, debugging and help file


  • Some of the announced features are only available on the GOLD Plus paying version
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